Bitcoin jumps again and other news 03.2024

Bitcoin Jumps Again

 Bitcoin's value has once again surpassed $70k. In such a case, individuals or groups who bought BTC at the $60k level have made a significant profit from the "Buy the Dip" strategy. The richest Bitcoinist, Satoshi Nakamoto, currently has a net worth of more than $70 billion.





 Active: Gate io MPC Trading Competition


  Participants have to buy or sell a minimum of $200k worth of MPC tokens between March 25th and April 1 (14:00 UTC). Prize pools of $20k worth of MPC tokens are announced, but actually I only found $15k worth pools. ( Full Details )


 Passive : TRX flexible

  GateIo has increased $TRX Flexible Staking to 1.6% PA, without the lockup period, this is still below Binance, which offers 1.73% without the lockup period.


Hack / Scam / Fraud

 Curio Invest Exploit

   RWA infrastructure solution platform Curio Invest has claimed that its ecosystem were exploited. Security alert platform Cyvers claims Curio was exploited for $16 million. Web3 Security Advisor Hacken Club claims attackers used voting power privileges to mine Curio Governance Token (CGT).


Altcoins & Blockchains 

 Avalanche and Chainlink in ANZ project

   Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) has found adaptation to Chainlink in removing the blockchain complexity of transferring tokenized assets across different chains, and Avalanche in exploring new use cases and business models. (Full Details by Avalanche) 



5th largest BTC address moved


   No one can understand the movement of whales. Akhram reports that the fifth-largest BTC address, 37X, made withdrawals for the first time since its creation in 2019. The movements of whales are tracked so that we know where BTC is going. According to Akhram, only 1.4 BTC are left in the original address.



CEX / DEX / CeFi / DeFi / Wallet

 CommEx ceasing operation

   CommEx has suddenly announced the closure of operations without giving any reason. CommEx also runs Binance's Russian business. According to the announcement, starting from March 25 at 10:00 (UTC) it will gradually close its business in seven phases,  the official website closing on May 10 at 10:00 (UTC).  (Full Details In Russian)


International Incident 

 Binance Executive Anzarwala escapes from Nigeria

 Nadeem Anzarwala, a Binance executive, fled on March 22 on the pretext of attending Ramadan. it is believed that Anzarwala boarded a Middle East international flight. Binance's second executive, Tigran Gambaryan, is still detained at Abuja guest house. (News Report)



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