Bitcoin Hit $71k Again, What About Altcoins?

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Last night bitcoin hit $71k price value and market is getting green. Does altcoins also getting back to their previous all time high price value? Not yet but its going up and may reach the previous high price record. Once again I miss the chance if my coin doesn’t show red candle again. Its moving forward and right now accumulating of crypto coins is off and it will be continued when the price value will decrease a little bit.

No regret like my trading goes wrong, it was on right track but price of my favorite coins moving forward and this is a good sign. Green is always good and who doesn’t want to see green candles in crypto market. It will turn red just a little more patience and market will offer buying crypto coins once again. Just a little more wait. Accumulating crypto is better than accumulating stable coin because crypto coins pump when we wait for green candles in the market.

Stable coin also help us buying crypto so this is also good but right now I prefer accumulating crypto more than stable coins because stable coins I mostly withdraw and I lost the opportunity to buy when market shows red candle that's the reason I prefer accumulating crypto more. After observing crypto coins I realized that it is all about holding crypto coins for the right time and this bring profit by investing our time and patience.

Altcoins performing good and offering profit makers to make some profit once again. Bitcoin seems ready to move forward to It's next milestone and it is $75k. Last time bitcoin hit $72 or $73k as far I can remember but it couldn’t hit $75k so this should be the next price pump if market keep showing green candles. Right now waiting for buying or investor's time and it will come soon. Enjoy the green crypto market and take advantage of this pump. I'm again in observation mood and waiting for my next trading move!

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