My Thoughts on Current Markets-93

Dow Jones surpassed the 38900 level in the last two days, Thursday and Friday, and made a nice close above it, where it had not been able to exceed for almost a month for a long time. It also made a good close above 39000. As long as the 38900 - 39000 region is support in the next period, you can allow tolerance even down to the bottom of the Bollinger upper band. As long as it remains above this level, the upward trend will still be supported. Almost all of the incoming corrections receive support from the upper band. Likewise, I can say that after a strength-gathering phase in this region, the upward movement will continue to be supported, as long as the Bollinger is not broken and the trail period is followed. One of the most important resistances ahead will be one of the psychological resistances that will appear at 39800 - 40000 on the Dow Jones side. Whenever it breaks down and starts to close below the 38500 - 38700 band, pressure is expected to increase towards 38000 on a daily basis.

Dax acted similarly. Bollinger has diverged strongly. When we look at the last day, 17200's were very important here. I was drawing attention to 17100 - 17200, which is quite far from here. The round figure of 17500 will be critical. Depending on whether this level will be exceeded or not, we will have an idea about the speed of the movement here. Due to temporality, 17200 will be an important support point for us in the coming days. If we can overcome the withdrawals and corrections above these support levels, I will read that there is no problem on the dax side. Again, the tracker and bollinger go together. I can say that as long as the closings above these levels continue, the upward movement will continue to be supported.

I always mention the important resistance point of Brent. After staying in this region for a long time at 82.500, we saw sales from here on Friday and it closed below the bollinger. If the closing below the Bollinger middle band continues, I will wait for the sale to continue until the 78 - 76 region. In order to turn positive again, we need to look back at the closing above 82,500. On the Brent oil side, I can say that if it starts to close above 82,500, this time I will look for movement towards the 85 and 87 resistances.

The news that can break the net saw here in gold is the news of the clarification of the date of the interest rate cut. Unless we see this, the 1970 - 2000 band below and the 2040 - 2080 band above are our main resistance and support zones. It gives many opportunities to trade in these ranges. If you have good trading skills, you can try long and short positions in the ranges I have given, and frankly, I think you benefit from these movements in almost every attempt. I would like to point out that it would be useful to follow this as well. If the net break turns and Bollinger settles on it, the price can take us up to 2150 again, as there is a technical maturation here. I can say that if it can get this close, the upward trend will increase even if the news is unsupported. You should look at the 1970 - 2000 band below. There is a Bollinger middle band dating back to 1970. As long as we don't see a close below this middle band, there is no problem. But if it closes below the middle band, you may think that it is time to be cautious and consider a stop.

The 51000 support in Bitcoin has become very difficult. It is necessary to pay attention to this. If closings begin to occur below this level, below 51000, it will be a sign of a correction, which may take us to 49000 in the first stage, and then to 47500, which is the bottom point of the Bollinger upper band. We need to pay attention to this in the coming days. If we take daily closings below 51000, there is still no problem as long as we stay above 51000. I can say that it can be considered as a strength gathering phase and it may go up to 54500 in the next move.

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