Is this the beginning or the end of Bitcoin Bull Run Market?

You may wondering like me if Bitcoin is at the beginning of a moon mission or about to make a crash landing?

Remember the buzz back in late 2021? Bitcoin seemed destined for the stratosphere, and I, like many others, got caught up in the hype of a potential $100k price tag. Now, with talk of Bitcoin ETFs flooding in and the market showing signs of life, a little déjà vu moment is creeping in. But this time, I'm playing things a bit differently.

Learning from the Past

While the Bitcoin halving is still ahead and the recent ETF launches are fueling optimism, past events remind us of the inherent unpredictability of this market. History has taught me the potential for sudden crashes – and I'm determined to avoid those "woulda-coulda-shoulda" moments of 2021.

Playing it Smart(er)

That's why I've swapped a small portion of my altcoins for USDC... But I still HODL my Bitcoin... It's my way of securing some gains while staying invested in the crypto world. It might not be a move worthy of a Wall Street legend, but it's a reminder that even as small-time investors, we've got to watch our backs.

Whales & ETFs – The Market Movers

Let's not forget that the market movers - the "whales" with their massive holdings, and the newly launched ETFs - can shake things up quickly. Us little shrimps on the crypto food chain don't have that kind of influence.

DYOR – Your Crypto Compass

The decision to buy, sell, or hold Bitcoin is ultimately yours. But before taking a leap of faith, Do Your Own Research (DYOR). The potential rewards are as enticing as ever, but a healthy dose of skepticism and careful re

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